Useful tools and snippets for your own website

Today, it is easier than ever to put your own site on the Internet. Whether you want to inform about products and services, give your own club a little visibility or simply report about the latest movies - websites can be found in the most diverse niches. For many operators, their own site has also become a hobby. Using Google for visibility, being able to interact via social media and learning web design and programming are just a few aspects.

For those who have their own homepage or want to build one, there are many interesting tools available on the internet. Which ones are they and what can they bring?The best tools for monitoring un reviewEven in the face of online marketing, it is important that you have a good control over what is happening on your own site. The focus is, of course, the search engine Google, which is not only the most important tool in online marketing, but also has the greatest impact on success and failure in marketing efforts on the Internet. However, Google itself is also the company that provides the most interesting tools here.

Google Analytics is definitely the best example of this. The tool analyzes all visitor traffic to pages on the Internet, providing a wealth of information about the origin, subpages, dwell time and many other areas that are important for search engine optimization.Another example of tools provided by Google is the Google Search Console. It used to be known as "Webmaster Tools" and is something of a headquarters for website operators who also work with Google on the side. Not only are important tips for optimization given here, but there are also many tips if a page is not functioning as it should.

If you want to improve your own position in the search engine, you should use these tools in any case. They significantly strengthen the chance of success.The most important templates for a secure homepage on the InternetIn addition to the classic tools, there are also a number of other areas in which a certain standard must be ensured. This applies, for example, to the sensitive legal areas that must be present on a homepage today. One example is the classic disclaimer, which should protect you from being held liable for external links.

Even more important is the imprint according to the Telemedia Act. With the imprint template, not only all the important information is processed, you also have security that you reach the legal requirements.Also a template for data protection plays an important role in this day and age. At the latest since the introduction of the DSGVO, a text is also needed here that refers to the rights of users and the processing of data. There is also a template for this on the Internet, which should help to put this text on the homepage and thus fulfil all the important provisions for the operation of a site.

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