The most effective online strategies for local businesses

Today there are thousands of strategies to promote our local business in the online world and reach every corner of the planet. At this point, no one related to the world of marketing or sales is new to the terms SEO, SEM, social media or Google Places, among many others. However, on many occasions, despite knowing what they refer to, we do not know how to get the most out of them. As far as use is concerned, it is worth noting that most companies use Google Places, as well as local SEO and strategies with a clear focus on social media.

Most of them manage their own SEO work, although a high percentage still hire PPC. On the other hand, many of them design e-mail marketing actions, as well as mobile marketing. On the other hand, display advertising seems not to have gained all the importance it deserves, and companies identify the investment in SEO, Google Places and local SEO as the most profitable, although they also emphasize the importance of other factors such as direct traffic, email marketing and PPC. Social networks, on the other hand, are the least profitable, and of course, when it comes to attracting contacts to a business, it is necessary to decide which strategies will be most effective.

The best way to generate leads is to have the perfect combination: direct traffic, search results, local SEO and Google Places. However, to achieve even more, it is necessary to take into account e-mail marketing, PPC and mobile marketing, as most of the traffic will come from organic searches (hence the importance of SEO), although on many occasions this will be redirected from Google Places or even from local SEO. What is clear is that online media is effective in attracting customer calls, so it is important to be familiar with and manage all these factors well, as well as choosing the most effective for the business to be promoted.

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