Online sales strategies before the sales season

Christmas is, par excellence, the time of year when shops have the highest number of sales. In order to promote them even more, it is very common to see all kinds of establishments, whether physical or online, making interesting discounts and offers without having to wait for the arrival of January, the month marked in red on the calendar by those who love sales. It has been demonstrated that offering reduced prices during these days increases the economic benefits even more. This increase in sales has multiple positive effects in many aspects.

For example, as Anged, the National Association of Large Distribution Companies, points out, almost 40,000 people are expected to be registered on the Social Security lists, while the temporary employment agency Randstad believes that, among all sectors, approximately 600,000 new contracts will be created, 2.1% more than last year at this time. Thus, the AVE, the Iberia airline or the Barceló Viajes or Nautalia agencies are launching numerous offers to cover both national and international destinations. The same is true of all the telephone operators who, aware that telephones are one of the most popular products at this time of year, are launching exclusive promotions. In the same way, online businesses, whose sales have not stopped growing in Spain in recent times, have opted more for the option of Cyber Monday to differentiate themselves from physical stores.

A good example of online commerce with excellent sales is Esdecor, a website specializing in low cost decoration that is governed by the slogan 'decorate it yourself'. In fact, this portal offers fantastic discounts throughout the year without having to wait for Christmas or the sales season so that their customers can take their products at a very low price. As if that were not enough, they have an extensive catalogue of products for the home in all possible styles. In addition, its intuitive design and its various secure payment options make it a very interesting option.

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